We are living in an unprecedented time, where there's a very minimal chance that the pandemic COVID-19 has not affected you and your community. Our first priority at this time is doing whatever we can to support our community, our employees, the customers we serve, and the fitness industry at large.

Sneeze It is dedicated to providing resources to keep those communities intact by use of this page. At our core, we believe that with every adversity, there is opportunity to lead by example. That's why we are opening our doors and hearts to helping clubs in need (at no charge) to create a member outreach program. Everything here is for you to download, copy and use any way you see fit. 


Below are leadership documents that we have found extremely useful. If you possess or come across any that you feel should be shared, please email David Steel at

Click on the image to download this useful guide created by Verne Harnish of "Scaling up".

Click on the image to download the presentations from McKinsey & Company.


People are sitting home waiting for the COVID-19 crisis to subside, so that we can resume life as we know it. Once it does, whether or not they were once gym-goers, many will will flood to health clubs as a refuge to get moving again. Here are some steps you can take to get ahead of the curve (and before you ask, yes, people are still buying memberships online):

  • Treat the current situation as you would a pre-sale, re-grand opening, and/or a renovation where there is a distinct focus on selling memberships for the future.
  • People are sitting at home with nothing to do and are more anxious than ever to go out and do something. This is a great time to engage them and build brand awareness.
  • Certain events may still be possible to run - even as state regulations change and social distancing occurs (e.g. small-group (less than 10 participants), open-air boot camps).
  • Offer classes online or over mobile apps. Don't have the capabilities in place? No problem! Facebook and Instagram LIVE along with YouTube are great alternative options, that can also build your reach (at no extra cost!).
  • Families will be looking for things to keep their children busy. Work to provide any type of kid-programming, along with messages emphasizing families getting healthier together (ie. meal prepping, games, etc.).
  • In addition to the last point, kids need movement while they’re home from school. Any tips, suggestions, or videos may be useful.
  • Ads that look like posts.

We truly understand how difficult it is to be in this situation. Communication with your audiences should not be taken lightly and the messaging around it should include ways to help in this "new normal".

@ Home Resources

The fitness community is known as one that helps each other. Vendors (as seen below) have made these resources available to you & the mass public. Start reaching out to your communities today with the links below to keep them engaged & moving.

Matrix Exercise Library

Les Mills On-Demand Classes

Amazing & creative way to keep Members engaged!

Promotion Vault Virtual Check In

Know of any additional free resources? Please email them to and we will add them to this page.


Some brands see COVID-19 as an opportunity to capture market share. Take advantage of less-crowded advertising platforms to build awareness.  

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