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Third-party reimbursements and their role in the Future of the Fitness memberships

In this whitepaper, we're excited to present our findings on the revolutionary effects of third-party reimbursement programs on the health and wellness landscape. Gain actionable insights from our in-depth analysis and forward-thinking strategies. Start transforming your business's approach today!


Read our latest white paper

How to select the right marketing partner for your franchise

Having the right marketing partner can be instrumental in your franchise growth. In this white paper, you'll uncover the critical characteristics that set apart top-tier marketing partners, and how to select the right one for your business.


Amplify Success with

Audience-Centric Campaigns

Sneeze It’s unrivaled access to audience insights allows us to craft multi-platform campaigns that deliver the right content at the right time and at the right place, delivering the best results possible for you. In other words, we win before we begin by using an already vetted target audience, leaving nothing to chance. 



Mobile AI technology

Sneeze It's Mobile AI technology allows you to navigate the vast digital landscape. We harness the power of AI to identify and target high-potential audiences, delivering relevant content precisely on premium websites when and where it matters most. Gain a competitive edge with our informed, data-driven strategy, ensuring optimal results for your business.


Unleash the Power of Data and

Gain Deeper Insights into Your Prospects and Customers

By delving into their brand preferences, behaviors, and offline activities, we uncover valuable insights through our Affinity Scan. This comprehensive analysis enables you to understand how your target audience engages with different brands and navigates their offline life, empowering you to tailor your marketing strategies to maximize results.

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Amplify Success with 

Audience-Centric Campaigns

Sneeze It’s unrivaled access to audience insights allows us to craft multi-platform campaigns that deliver the right content at the right time and at the right place, delivering the best results possible for you. In other words, we win before we begin by using an already vetted target audience, leaving nothing to chance.

Unique Audiences, Extraordinary Impact

Amplify your success with Precision-Targeted Campaigns, Enlightened Data Insights, and Tailored Creative Content.


Precision Focused Campaigns

With Sneeze It, get ahead of your competition. Our unrivaled proprietary data allows us to create hyper-targeted audience segments. Harness the power of precision focused ad campaigns and acquire the competitive edge you’ve always sought

Affinity Audiences

Capitalize on shared interests and brands to engage like-minded potential customers. This approach is vital for forging genuine connections and cultivating brand loyalty.

Proximity Audiences

Leverage geographical data to target customers based on their proximity to your business. This highly efficient targeting approach is essential for businesses looking to maximize the impact of their local marketing efforts, capitalizing on the convenience factor to drive foot traffic and sales.

Conquest Audiences

Target the existing clients of competitors, providing a unique opportunity to showcase why your business is the better choice. This strategy is a game-changer for companies looking to expand their customer base and outperform competitors rapidly.

Visits Audiences

Engage with customers across all touchpoints seamlessly, no matter where they interact with your brand. This omnichannel approach is the cornerstone of modern marketing, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience that is proven to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Precision Path Audiences

Optimize your direct marketing by targeting specific carrier routes. This hyper-local targeting technique is indispensable for businesses that rely on mail marketing, allowing you to reach the most relevant audiences efficiently, reducing wastage, and enhancing ROI.

Engage Your Audience with Locally-Tuned, Creative Content

Our team crafts captivating content that resonates with your audience on a local level, driving enhanced engagement, fostering loyalty, and fueling your business growth.

Marketing Designed For Your Industry

Redefining Furniture Retail: Gaining an Edge with Advanced Consumer Journey Insights

In the intricate world of furniture retail, it’s not enough to simply showcase your products; understanding the customer’s journey is paramount. With Sneeze It, you’re equipped with technology that illuminates this path, helping you understand every pivotal touchpoint, from digital engagements to in-store visits.

Harness our advanced Mobile AI technology to dive deeper into the behaviors of today’s furniture shopper. Given that many consumers visit multiple furniture outlets before settling on a purchase, our tools grant you an eye-opening vantage point. Overlaying competitor visitor data, we provide you with an almost ‘unfair’ advantage, offering a holistic view of the consumer’s shopping pattern.

  • Identify and Engage High-Intent Audiences: Pinpoint customers most likely to purchase, optimizing your marketing efforts.
  • Convert Digital Footprints into Physical Walk-ins: Bridge the gap between online engagements and in-store traffic, ensuring seamless transitions for your customers.
  • Actionable Conversion Tracking: Stay updated on Post-Impression, View-Throughs, Post-Click actions, and store visits, ensuring you’re always in the loop.
  • Capitalize on Competitive Insights: Leverage data on competitor store visits to fine-tune your strategies and offers, ensuring you always remain a step ahead.

In the competitive realm of furniture retail, Sneeze It doesn’t just give you data; it hands you the keys to unlock transformative customer engagement and retention strategies. Dive deep, understand better, and let’s redefine the furniture shopping experience together.


Don’t Just Compete, Dominate!


Empowering Auto Consumers: Combining Convenience and Value with Advanced Strategies

In the auto parts and service sector, success hinges on a blend of convenience, competitive pricing, and empowering vehicle owners with the right choices. With Sneeze It, navigate this intricate balance more effectively, tapping into the mindsets of discerning auto consumers.

Our advanced Mobile AI technology offers a deep dive into the specific needs and behaviors of auto parts buyers and those seeking service. Understanding that these consumers often prioritize convenience and specific product availability, we position you to meet these expectations head-on. And when it comes to competing with new car dealers and their high markups, we give you the tools to highlight your advantages.


  • Targeted Customer Engagement: Recognize and engage with customers who are seeking specific auto parts or services in real-time.
  • Convenience Meets Cost-Effectiveness: Bridge the gap between the buyer’s need for prompt service and their budget constraints.
  • Real-time Insights for Real-world Decisions: Stay updated on every customer interaction, from product inquiries to service bookings.
  • A Counter to New Car Dealer Strategies: With insights into competitor strategies and consumer behaviors, devise compelling campaigns that underline the value and convenience you offer over pricier dealers.


In the fiercely competitive realm of auto parts and services, Sneeze It goes beyond mere insights; it crafts pathways to more meaningful customer relationships and enhanced business growth.


Turn the Ignition on Your Business Growth.


Gyms & Studios: Turning Casual Interactions Into Lifelong Commitments

In an era where gym-goers are seeking not just fitness but a sense of community and purpose, how do you stand out? With Sneeze It, leverage innovative technology to gain a 360-degree view of every visitor’s motivations, challenges, and lifestyle choices.


Our advanced Mobile AI technology allows you to understand more than just the fitness goals of your potential members. We help you delve into their lifestyle, activity preferences, and even non-fitness-related interests. Imagine the power of knowing what makes each visitor tick, allowing you to craft experiences that feel personal and transformative.


  • Convert Interest Into Membership: Identify the casual visitors most likely to turn into dedicated members, saving time and resources.
  • Unearth Deeper Motivators: Our Mobile AI technology doesn’t just skim the surface; it delves into the interests and underlying motivations of your potential members, providing invaluable insights for crafting compelling experiences.
  • ROI-Driven Campaigns: Our actionable dashboards provide you with detailed metrics, ensuring you know the ROI of each campaign down to the penny.
  • Unlock Community Engagement: Learn what binds your members together as a community, helping you create programs that foster loyalty and retention.


In the dynamic landscape of gyms and studios, Sneeze It hands you the leverage to create a thriving fitness community. Gain the edge, and turn casual visits into lifetime commitments.


Don’t Just Adapt, Lead!


Med Spa: Where Personalization Meets Transformation

In the Med Spa industry, the personal touch isn’t just a luxury; it’s an absolute necessity. How can you ensure that each client feels uniquely catered to, from the moment they step through your door? The answer lies with Sneeze It’s cutting-edge technology.


With our proprietary Mobile AI, we go beyond surface-level demographics. We help you understand the real-world behaviors, intentions, and desires of your clientele. Targeting is transformed from a mere tactic into a strategic initiative that matches treatments to individual client needs.


  • Precision Client Acquisition: Identify high-value prospects with laser-focused precision, reducing acquisition costs and boosting ROI.
  • Hyper-Personalized Campaigns: Use actionable insights to create campaigns personalized based on treatment packages, tailored to each client’s unique needs and expectations.
  • Real-World Conversion Tracking: No more guesswork; know the impact of each ad click by tracking in-spa conversions and treatment follow-throughs.
  • Upsell Effectively: Leverage customer behavior insights to offer complementary treatments, maximizing customer value without seeming pushy.


In the Med Spa industry, Sneeze It doesn’t merely offer technology; it offers a revolution in customer understanding and service personalization.


Don’t Just Satisfy, Astonish!


Revolutionize Your Advertising, Savor the Success

In today’s hyper-competitive restaurant landscape, it’s not merely about having a digital presence—it’s about utilizing it with finesse and accuracy to ensure diners walk through your doors. While individual restaurants grapple with the digital maze, chains with hundreds of locations have found their secret weapon: Sneeze It.


We employ the same advanced strategies and technologies that top-performing, multi-location restaurant chains utilize to dominate the digital space. This isn’t about casting a wide net and hoping for the best. It’s about precision targeting and meaningful engagement, making sure that your promotions are seen by those who are most likely to be converted into customers.


  • Scale with Precision: Drawing from rich data, we craft messages that resonate deeply with their intended audience. It’s about achieving the right balance between broad outreach and pinpoint accuracy.
  • Traffic Beyond Clicks: Digital engagements are pivotal, but they’re a means to an end. Our primary mission? Turning those digital interactions into diners in your seats.
  • Real-time Adaptability: Consumer preferences shift. Seasons change. Your multi-location chain needs a strategy that’s agile, responsive, and always in step with the industry’s pulse.
  • Rise Above the Digital Noise: It’s a crowded digital world out there. We ensure your brand stands out, not as just another option, but as a preferred dining destination.


With Sneeze It’s advanced solutions, chains, whether they have ten or a thousand locations, have an edge. We translate your digital strategies into bustling locations and ringing tills. It’s not just about being in the game; it’s about leading it.


Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level


Seizing the Stay: How Leading Hotel Chains are Using Sneeze It to Win Guests

Navigating the vast expanse of the digital hospitality realm is no small feat. For hoteliers, it’s not just about being visible—it’s about being seen by the right eyes, at the right time. Top-performing hotel chains with numerous locations across the globe have discovered their digital edge: Sneeze It.


By leveraging the same sophisticated strategies and technologies that these leading chains employ, Sneeze It is revolutionizing the way hotels attract and engage potential guests. Gone are the days of generic advertisements. We’re ushering in an era of precision marketing, ensuring every digital interaction has the potential to convert into a reservation.


  • Precision Over Prevalence: With Sneeze It, it’s not about reaching everyone—it’s about reaching the right one. We meticulously craft messages that align perfectly with potential guests’ desires and expectations.
  • From Clicks to Check-ins: Our primary goal isn’t just digital engagement—it’s translating those digital footprints into real guests, turning online interactions into booked rooms.
  • Adaptive Campaigns: Trends evolve. Guest preferences fluctuate. With Sneeze It, your marketing strategies are agile, always in tune with the dynamic landscape of the lodging industry.
  • Break Through, Stand Out: In a world filled with options, ensure your brand is not just another listing but a top-of-mind preference for travelers.


With Sneeze It’s pioneering solutions, whether you’re a boutique hotel or a global chain, you’re poised to lead. We transform your digital presence into packed lobbies and filled rooms. Because in this industry, it’s not just about visibility, it’s about victory.


Elevate the Guest Experience!


Our Services

Experience the transformational power of data with our Data Intelligence and Strategy service. We turn data into actionable insights for informed decision-making and accelerated growth. Understand trends, customer behavior, and measure your strategies’ effectiveness in real-time.


Experience the power of strategic visibility with our Multi-Layered Brand Awareness approach. We ensure your brand isn’t just known—it’s remembered and respected. We amplify your message, identity, and values to engage new audiences while reinforcing your brand’s presence in the minds of existing consumers.


Transform your brand from blend-in to stand-out with our Brand Development service. We focus on crafting a unique brand identity that speaks volumes in a saturated market. By aligning your brand’s values, messaging, and visuals with your audience’s expectations, we create an irresistible resonance.


Navigate the business landscape with confidence. Our market analysis sheds light on your industry, competitors, and audience. Discover hidden growth avenues, anticipate trends, and tailor winning strategies. Stay ahead, and lead with insight.


Supercharge your business with our Lead Generation service. We focus on attracting high-quality leads ripe for conversion. With targeted marketing strategies, we not only bring potential customers to you, but also amplify your sales opportunities and revenue.


Empower your business with our Customer Conversion service. It’s about turning possibilities into loyal customers, boosting sales, and enhancing revenue. We don’t stop at conversion—we ensure enhanced loyalty and retention for sustainable, long-term growth.


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Streamline Your Decisions with Unified Data Insights

Data forms the backbone of successful marketing. At Sneeze It, we consolidate your crucial marketing data into concise, custom dashboards, helping streamline your decisions and drive marketing outcomes across all business sizes.

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Dynamic Fitness- Jared Williams

Reason I have liked working with Sneeze it is the partnership between company goals and marketing strategies we have together. This combination has made our relationship very effective and aligned as our efforts work to one common goal. Understanding our targets, key metrics, and target market has helped create a clearer focus strategy with purpose. Which is the entire goal of marketing! We have learned a great deal from each other in our tenure together that has reflected in our marketing presentations and channels to reach our audience!

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Why Clients Choose Us

As “guaranteed” marketing practices evolve daily, what worked yesterday may not work today. In an industry that can sweep the rug from under us at any minute, we needed a team of strategists, designers and success coaches who are always ahead of the game to deliver the best marketing efforts possible. That’s exactly what our Chief Viral Officer and leader, David Steel, accomplished.

Today, Sneeze It uses the latest technology and data to break the boundaries of traditional marketing with an experienced and multi-talented team of amazing humans. We work towards success by collaborating closely with our clients, tackling ever-changing digital landscapes and quickly delivering incredible, accurate results.

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